Caramel syrup

Used in our espresso martini.

Measures & Instructions:

  • 1 part sugar syrup
  • 1 part water

Place sugar into a large saucepan or boiling pot.
Put the kettle on with the same amount of water as you have sugar. You will need the water to be just under boiling point shortly.

Heat the sugar over a medium heat stirring constantly with a large wooden spoon while the sugar melts. Gradually increase the stirring speed until the sugar changes to a light brown liquid. At this point, the sugar may begin to give off steam but there may still be lumps of unmelted sugar. Turn the heat off so that the sugar will not become overcooked and discolored. Continue stirring until all the sugar is melted.

When all the sugar is melted and the caramel is a golden brown color, GRADUALLY add  your hot (near boiling) water. You must add the water very very slowly and continue to stir the melted sugar while the water is being added. You’ll probably need to put it back on a low heat while you do this. Care must be taken to:

1. Avoid the pot boiling over and
2. Avoid hot caramel being splattered all over the place and
3. Continue stirring to avoid any premature hardening of the caramel in spots

When all the water has been added, turn the heat up and let the syrup boil for about 15 minutes. KEEP STIRRING IT to stop sticking/burning.

After 15 minutes, pour the liquid into a large heat-proof jar.