It’s all about the gin

Having acquired a bottle of Haymans Old Tom, and what with our friend John in the gin distilling business, and a few dregs of some Gordons and Tanqueray lying around (we don’t drink as much or as often as you’d imagine!) it was about time we got through a bit of it.

So a couple of gin daisies will have to do as there’s plenty more work needed on an elderflower & rosemary martini recipe, inspired by a beautiful one i had a taste of at the National Cafe (which despite it’s name actually is a pretty nice place for a classically english cocktail as the sun goes down over Trafalgar Square).

Sparkling Ginger Daisy (thanks to Kara Newman)

1 Tbsp coarsely chopped, peeled fresh ginger or 1/2tbsp candied ginger
½ oz  lemon juice
1 oz Hayman’s Old Tom gin
½ oz Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur (we’ve been making our own – recipe coming soon)
1/4oz simple syrup or mild honey
1 oz brut sparking wine (cava) or sparkling water/soda water

Muddle the ginger and lemon in the bottom of a mixing glass.
Add the gin, Domaine de Canton, & lemon juice, along with ice, and shake. Double strain—pour the drink out of the shaker through a Hawthorne strainer into a fine mesh strainer—into a chilled champagne flute or saucer. Top with the ounce of cava/soda, garnish with a thin slice of fresh ginger, and serve.

Gin Daisy inspired by Dram in South Williamsburg

1oz gin
1/2oz cointreau (or home-made orange liqueur)
1/2oz simple syrup or mild honey
1oz lemon juice
orange zest
sparkling water/soda

shake the gin, cointreau, simple syrup & lemon with ice. Strain into a champagne saucer. Add a dash of sparkling water/soda. Twist a piece of orange zest over the glass to cover with the surface of the drink with orange oil. Add the zest to the drink or side of the glass if you wish.